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Xena priorities integrations

Integrations are incredibly important and we have taken another step to make Xena easy to integrate with.


Business is largely about networking and collaboration. The same applies to the underlying platform; a platform such as Xena. Therefore, we have a strong focus on integrations to enable good and strong cooperation between Xena and other systems.


100% open API

All features are available in our API. This is emphasized by the fact that Xena's own user interface runs on this API! No hidden features or critical features that third parties cannot use. Xena even offers calls to third parties if there is a change in data.


Xena App Store

We have an app store where you can share your apps with other businesses or create your own private apps specifically for your business. Are you a developer and have a great idea for an app, you can setup an app in Xena in minutes and sell it through our app store. You do not even have to handle subscriptions, payments etc. – Xena handles it for you. You just have to make the idea a reality.

READ MORE: Integrations and apps.


Plugin framework

We offer something unique: You can build new screens or modify existing parts of Xena directly from your app. Imagine that you want to display some unique information on an order or customer information contained in your own systems, on a server somewhere in the world or somewhere else. No matter where, they can be included in the correct context in Xena via plugins on an app. For example it could be track and trace information or freight calculations directly on an order.


Easy user management and access control

When it comes to data access user authentication can be a challenge. In Xena there are multiple options: Either users can be authenticated via OAuth2 or data can be accessed with API keys. OAuth makes the user's experience of integration completely seamless while allowing the developer to quickly achieve the goal without having to think about creating users, password retention, etc.


NEW: Integrations can save data in our AppData database

Building an integration or extension to an application is often extensive because webpages need to be created, databases created, backup, etc. We have made a solution that allows the developer to avoid all this and leave the trivial things to Xena.

Xena AppData allows third parties to save their data directly to items in our system. For example, previously mentioned track and trace numbers may be saved directly on an order. Additionally, app developers can create their own data types with a wealth of options, including search inside Xena! This allows the developer to focus on the important part: the integration itself!


Are you a developer?

If you would like to create an app for or integrate with Xena, it's easy to get started. Read more about our open API and design standards at our development site: dev.xena.biz.

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