17-01-2019 • Efficiency

Five ways to ease your workday

Many tasks in a company are done again and again. How can our online accounting solution help you deal with this more easily? Here are five ways.


1. Send multiple invoices with one click

To process invoices one at a time is time-consuming. A brand-new feature in our accounting solution handles this much more efficient. We call it "Quick invoicing", which it is: Select orders ready for invoicing and click one button. That is it; the invoices are now sent to every customer via email or electronic invoicing, if available.


2. Simple bank reconciliation

The bookkeeper makes sure the bank account matches invoices sent and received. It can be quite a challenge to keep it under control. Bank reconciliation in Xena help you match every in- and outgoing payments with invoices and bills.


3. Export payments to the bank

Another thing regarding the bank is to pay due bills. A standard feature in our accounting solution is to pull these data from Xena as a file to your online banking client. Instead of handling payments manually, Xena can help by gathering all the needed information and hand it over to your bank account. Then you can pay all due invoices in one step.


4. Digital catalogs from suppliers

Some spend much time on updating their own system with the newest data about articles and prices from their suppliers. A really clever thing in our system is the ability to look up and order articles from suppliers without doing any manual work. Just pick your supplier; that is all. More suppliers are added regularly.


5. Automatic reordering of needed articles

Inventory or stock control is a big task! We have invested heavily in making Xena capable of this task. One thing we like to mention is the feature of automatically reordering articles you are running out of. Our system keep track of your inventory. If you are running out of an article, taking into account reserved items, we propose what to order and create a purchase order for you to send.


This is really just a glimpse of what we can offer. Sounds like something you can use in your company? Then try Xena – the online business hub. It is free to create your account and fiscal and try out all the features.

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