Why is Xena free?

You may need to get used to it. Before, nothing in life was free. But Google, Skype, Facebook and YouTube are examples of the opposite. For most users these services are free.


What is the catch?

There is no catch. Nothing. Nada. Xena is just free. It has great value for you as a user even if you don’t pay anything. How?

Skype is a good example. What would Skype be without users? Nothing. Well, today Skype have 260+ million users. That made Skype worth the 8.5 billion dollars that Microsoft paid for it in 2011.

We admit Xena is not Skype. Although you don’t pay one Euro you are a great value for us! That value is based on two things:

  1. Advertisement value. It is very expensive to advertise in traditional ways and the one who pays is you – the user. If we instead save that money and make our service free of charge, we have a win-win situation. You get something of great value and we get a happy user that (hopefully) recommend us to others. A recommendation we can’t buy for money.
  2. Future customer base. You get a free user account. There is greater potential you will buy something from us in the future if you are happy with our services so far.

These two factors are the reason for Skype to be free. It is also the reason why the first user and all features in Xena are free without any restrictions.


How do we plan to earn money?

Xena is not free in all circumstances. If you want, you can pay for using Xena. Only the first user account is free and only if you can do it all by yourself. If you want support you must create a second user account or pay for support. In the future, other services like integrations, apps and SMS, will be available for a small fee.

In addition, we count on your business to grow and then you will need more users or some of the paid services we offer. Until that day rises, you can just go on using Xena even you don’t pay for it.

Please remember to tell other people about us! Without you we are nothing…