23-06-2016 • Efficiency

Use barcodes and scan your articles

Use barcodes to register articles on a purchase or sales order. Now it is much quicker to register articles on orders!


Xena becomes more efficient with a barcode scanner

It is not as complicated as it may sound. A barcode scanner is just a kind of keyboard… being very quick typing a code or some text.

Connect a barcode scanner to your pc, Mac or tablet, and you are ready! No need for programming or installation in Xena. Plug n' play!


How it works

Xena now have the option to manage barcodes for articles. An article can contain multiple barcodes; each barcode can represent a quantity. You can have a barcode for selling one piece of a product and another for selling a six-pack.

You can use barcodes in many situations, and we are currently developing these in Xena. First feature released is to scan articles on purchasing and sale orders.

On an order, press F10 on your keyboard and then scan away! When you are done, press F10 again. (Or, you can click the "Scan barcodes" button to start scanning and then click the "Save" button when done.)


No need for extra modules or setup!

The only thing you need, is a barcode reader. It can be a regular USB barcode scanner, a wireless USB scanner or a Bluetooth scanner. The reader must work as a normal keyboard. It should not make any prefixes but virtually pressing "return" after scanning a code. Most scanners do this out of the box.

We do not provide help for barcode scanners. Choose a supplier who can help you if the scanner does not work. Our experience is that a regular USB barcode scanner is very easy and stable in use.

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