A growing business uses Xena

This case story is about just one of the many companies who uses Xena. This is the story of Rengøringslageret in Løgstør, Denmark, of how they use our software to control the business, inventory and logistic in order to grow further.


The picture above is from one of the three warehouses, containing over 20,000 cleaning materials.


From self-employed window cleaner to million dollar grocery

With hard work and knowledge of the business, you can get far. Mark Donslund is a proof of that. In 2005 he started his own company. In the beginning, it was only cleaning services. In time, he focused on becoming cleaning grocery store. Today Rengøringslageret is growing company with 14 employees and a double-digit million turnover.

“To start you can overview al buying and selling,” says Mark Donslund. “But with hundreds of orders going in and out it is impossible to know how much needs to be ordered and delivered without having a system with “actual” inventory management. The system must be able to do more than just crating an invoice. The workflow must be supported in a way that continually tells you what needs to be done to complete today’s orders.”

We needed to have a better system to control things. That is why we jumped to Xena.


Xena managed the process

Xena can manage the whole process. Rengøringslagerets online shop a connected to our software. The inventory status and prices are updated from Xena to the shop. Orders from the shop show up in Xena. “We know exactly what must be delivered, ordered and how far we are in the process,” says Mark Donslund.

Order status view in Xena

This is a screenshot of the order management in Xena. It is the control center of the orders in the company.


Why we choose Xena

“Most accounting systems mainly focus on invoicing and bookkeeping. However, in reality that is just a result of the daily business. This is where Xena is a little different. Xena thinks in long term and sees the complete workflow. If you are considering a new IT system I’ll recommend you check out Xena and its possibilities.” – Mark Donslund, rengoeringslageret.dk