27-07-2018 • Efficiency

Use Xena for scheduling

We have developed a new, better version of our scheduling calendar.


In close cooperation with some of our users, we have developed a new version of our calendar app. This project is a good example that based on feedback from you guys we can optimize and improve Xena. Thank you!


The new features

The new calendar app have three display settings: Month, week and day. Time is represented horizontally. Vertically all the resources is shown (e.g. employees). You can shift between viewing the scheduled time and the time actually registered.

A new filtering feature enables you to find and show just the department, team, resource or tag you want in the calendar.

"Teams" is actually a new thing in Xena. You can now create teams; groups of employees. That way you can assign tasks to a team and they will together take care of the exact planning and complete the task.

It is easy to create new appointments in the calendar. You can do it from an order task. Or directly in the calendar by clicking "+ Appointment" or right click in the timeline.


The calendar app is available in the Xena App Store.

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