Ready for a new fiscal year?

We give you some useful tips regarding the new fiscal year for both new and experienced users of Xena.


A new year – new possibilities!

Many companies uses the new year as an opportunity to switch accounting system. More people than ever chooses Xena. Of cause, we are very happy and proud of that!

If you have decided to use Xena in 2016, we would like to give you some useful tips:

  • Make two fiscals in Xena: one for test and one for real data.
  • Decide for a start date (e.g. 01-01-2016). By this date do all your invoicing from Xena. Financial data, ledger tags, balance, etc. can come along later on.
  • Don’t use two systems at the same time. Just take the plunge!
  • Using the “Archive” in Xena, you can incorporate data from your old system.
  • Read the Get started guide and our blog to keep up to date on the functionality in Xena.
  • Use your accountant! You can’t be an expert on everything. All though it cost a little the money, it is well spend on an accountant.


Prepare for invoicing and bookkeeping in a new fiscal year

If you already uses Xena here are some tips on getting started on a new fiscal period. Not all follows the calendar year for their fiscal periods. Many do though, thus the following example assumes the fiscal period follows the calendar.

Open a new fiscal period: In order to make invoices and do bookkeeping a new fiscal period must be created. The old period don’t need to be closed. You can still make invoices and bookkeep in all fiscal periods that haven’t been closed yet.

Choose “ledger” > “Primo postings” and click the “Create” button.

A new fiscal year


Remember to invite you accountant

When using Xena it is free to invite your accountant. It has many benefits. For starters, Xena has a unique integration with the accountant software CaseWare used by many accountants. When you give your accountant access to your fiscal, you have also delivered all vouchers. It’s as easy as that!

If you want your accountant to do bookkeeping, please play fair and assign your accountant the role as bookkeeper. See plans and prices here.


Support for ending a fiscal period and start using Xena

If you need more help than provided on this site, you can get support by contacting us. If you have at least one paid user or you pay for support, we will be happy to help you on how to use Xena. Note that we do not help you bookkeep or advise you how to run your company. That is what an accountant is for :-)

Happy accounting and thank you for choosing Xena!