A lot of people use Xena

The users of Xena are very different. But they all use Xena to be in control of their economy, client history and statistics.

We entered a coorporation with Xena. We are freasly started company and now are invoicing away in our shop. With help from the Xena team we integrated the thousands of items we sell in our system so that offers, invoicing, bookkeeping etc. just works. Five stars!

Lars Risager, Shapehouse A/S (user since 2015)

Xena is a little different. They have in mind the whole process in a company. They think a little beyond. If you are considering a new IT system, I highly recommend you to have a look on Xena’s possibilities.

Mark Donslund, Rengøringslageret (user since spring 2015)

Congratulations, you have one more fan! Today a client shifted to Xena and he is already very happy about it. He thinks the invoicing section is better designed and very professional to work with. It simply makes sense. And now he can see all the cool features in the journal others do not offer, which I have been talking so much about :)

Line Christiansen, ecount.org (Using Xena since 2014)

Shoporama is an online web shop system made by experts. In the same way Xena is created by programmers, accounting specialists and business people who knows economy and technology. We have connected a bookkeeper to our Xena account; there she'll find all appendixes.

Morten Vadskær, Shoporama (Using Xena since 2013)

We are a association with 73 departments and approximately 1200 members. Xena makes it easy to charge membership fees as subscription automatically once a year. It is also a great tool for maintaining an overview of members and the economy.

Coding pirates (Using Xena since 2014)

It's genius that you can invite your accountant into your accounting system! Since I started using Xena I haven't mailed a single annex in paper. everything is scanned in Xena.

Preben Seidenschnur, Foreningskalenderen ApS (Using Xena since 2013)

User friendly, smart and free. What more can you ask for!

Jens Goul Axelsen, Hyggevin ApS (Using Xena since 2014)

We are two partners in this company. By means of Xena, we always have a clear overview of customers, annexes and the economy. It is very easy to use – even for non-accounting types.

Jasper Dyg, Public Image Aps (user since January 2014)

Xena is a fantastic and user friendly piece of software. Previously I used Navision, but what makes Xena extra nice is that I can use as front system in my shop and receive online payments.

Morten Ø. Andreasen, Foderengros Tisted (user since January 2014)

I have used many different accounting systems. On recommendation from my auditor, I tried out Xena. I have to admit this satisfy my needs for bookkeeping and invoicing.