A new way of accounting, made by a bunch of enthusiasts

The people behind Xena are a mix of developers, communications specialists, supporters and accounting geeks. They all work hard to give you an awesome new accounting solution.

Sharing knowledge is key to us. Therefore, we are eager to assist you if you have any questions on how to get the most value from our product. We will make sure Xena is efficient and works according to our goal.

Our vision

Xena is your online business hub, helping you to run your business more easily.

The idea is to control everything from one platform. In Xena you do not waste time on setting up a lot of things; just begin using it. You can invite and add your customers, suppliers and partners. You can share documents. Summing up: Accounting software working efficient and intuitive.

Our history

The idea for Xena is taking shape. The mission is clear: Xena is to be a company's online hub for business and capable of handling thousands of user in multiple countries.

Xena is developed and tested over years.

First version of Xena is live and begins taking in customers. New, unique features launches; like scanning and reading of vouchers.


Xena develops like never before. The system still improves to be more efficient and flexible. Stock management is improved. Can now read bank account posts live from your bank.

The Xena App store opens and other developers can now join via Xena's API.


Xena works with the best! Here is a list of our partners.

Partner: Shipmondo

With Shipmondo.com you can integrate your fiscal with their service and save both time and money on shipping goods.

Partner: Sproom

Xena have a unique corporation with Sproom. They deliver digital invoices to and from Xena.

Partner: ePay

With the use of ePay Xena makes it possible to do online payment and registration from inside the system.

Partner: Wannafind webshop

Wannafind webshop
The integration between Xena and HostedShop from Wannafind gives you a professional solution, where the web shop and the ERP system communicates on the fly.

Partner: SmartWeb webshop system

SmartWeb webshop
By integrating your fiscal/stock system with your webshop at SmartWeb you can focus on your business.


Xena sponsers charities and projects. When using Xena, you are actually helping to support. Thank you!

Sponsor: Coding Pirates

Coding Pirates
Xena supports Coding Pirates, helping children and young people develop productive and creative IT skills.

Sponsor: DotSRC.org

Sponsor: Hal9k

Sponsor: Hospitalsklovne

Danske Hospitalsklovne
Xena supports hospital clowns. They cares for the child when needed the most.

Sponsor: Red Cross

Red Cross
Xena supports Danish Red Cross.

Sponsor: WWF


The users of Xena are very different. But they all use Xena to be in control of their economy, client history and statistics.

Congratulations, you have one more fan! Today a client shifted to Xena and he is already very happy about it. He thinks the invoicing section is better designed and very professional to work with. It simply makes sense. And now he can see all the cool features in the journal others do not offer, which I have been talking so much about :)

Line Christiansen, ecount.org

Xena is a little different. They have in mind the whole process in a company. They think a little beyond. If you are considering a new IT system, I highly recommend you to have a look on Xena’s possibilities.

Mark Donslund, Nowas

We are two partners in this company. By means of Xena, we always have a clear overview of customers, annexes and the economy. It is very easy to use – even for non-accounting types.

Jasper Dyg, Public Image Aps

Contact us

We would be glad to hear from you! Send us your message and we will get back to you. We value your feedback.

Our address

Xena ApS
Alfred Nobels Vej 27, 1. sal
9220 Aalborg Ø


CVR-nr.: 34080631

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